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Finn Stone is crazy (in the most positive meaning of this word) and innovative artist with Irish parentage. He studied ceramics at Preston and Middlesex University, but he creates masterpieces from everything, using every available technique.

His website reads:

“Having created a diverse range of renowned design products, Finn has molded his love of eccentricity into the realm of sculpture art, where his practice is governed both by his flamboyance and his overzealous imagination.

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Keith Haynes creates an amazing artwork which is full of meanings and at the same time nostalgic. His work is also remarkable in the respect of his choice of materials: button badges, CDs or vinyl records.

Woolffgallery writes about him:

“Whether it’s a graphically iconic portrait or a meaningful song lyric, each piece is created from original vinyl records chosen to enhance the subject matter, Haynes considers the subject and the object to be of equal importance within his practice.”

His work seems interesting and below you can check some of it. I hope you will enjoy it!

This is Pop

This is Pop

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