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While I was looking for a new job, in one of the offers, I’ve come across a phrase “knowledge of SAP”. And the phrase was repeated many times.

But what does it actually mean “knowledge of SAP”?

Does it mean the knowledge of a company called SAP AG or maybe SAP Knowledge Warehouse? Or maybe some kind of SAP application, because SAP itself is not a single application, it’s not even a single technology. And there is no single person that could possibly have “knowledge of SAP“.

However I have the impression that the author of the offer probably meant “advanced user of SAP applications”, but that is also not very specific. What do you think?

Let’s change the subject.



The SAP AG (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) is a German multinational software corporation. The main product of the company is so called SAP software.

SAP software

This kind of software is very useful for logistic, supply chain, sales, production and warehouse. Thanks to it, the aforementioned areas can be easily coordinated. People who know the SAP applications are mostly those who work in bigger corporations, where the structure is complex and such applications are the must.

The main products of the SAP AG are:

– SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning),

– SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management),

– SAP BW (Business Warehouse),

– SAP BO (BusinessObjects),

– and many, many more…

Are you the user of some SAP applications?

What is your opinion about it?

Let me know!