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CAD software is commonly used to help designers to improve the productivity and quality of the designs. It also improves the communication between designer and manufacturer and allows for production database creation.

CAD software is mostly used to create technical drawings of the desired product.

It is used to design tools and machinery and is helpful in the engineering process e.g: visualisation of the final product. It is also used to define the strength and dynamics of assemblies and methods of manufacturing.

CAD – 2D & 3D

CAD allows for designing in two-dimensional space where it is possible to create curves and figures and in three-dimensional space where it is possible to create curves, surfaces and solids. In many CAD applications there are specific tools, containing for example information about materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances. Modern CAD packages include options of 3D rotation (objects can be viewed from desired angles).

There are many different types of CAD packages, each forcing the operator to think in a package-specific way. This has also its consequences on different aspects of the virtual design.

Are you using some kind of CAD software?